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St Peter’s - 3 Schools - 1 Community

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St Peter’s - 3 Schools - 1 Community

What an amazing start to the 2022 academic year. The buzz of excitement that is oozing from the school grounds is nothing short of spectacular. Knowing we are a new normal where despite the ongoing challenges of remaining as COVID safe as possible, we know the doors to school will remain open, and therefore learning, in our natural setting can occur with confidence. The buzz is real! Year 5 have already undertaken an incursion linked to their first Unit of Inquiry, Year 6 are experiencing their Leadership Retreat at Wedderburn and school this week and Year 7 have enjoyed the opportunity of forging connections at their initial camp on the Central Coast. Heart students are connecting and Pre-Kindergarten are moving from initial tears, to ‘bye mum and dad’ as they enjoy their environment. New facilities have arrived and are being finalised. 

We are in a state of change at St Peter’s. We’ve moved from being a stand alone Preparatory School, to now having three distinct schools on our campus. The Preparatory School, The Middle School and St Peter’s Heart. Each of these sub schools will have their own culture, their own priorities, yet we are one community, seeking to support each other, to prioritise community and learning. 

With this change, there will be some hiccups and hurdles along the way, we will make mistakes, yet already we are seeing an environment focused on growth, learning and others. It is our intent, that in being one community, that there will be natural connections between our sub schools. The students in Year 7 will support initiatives in the Preparatory School and at St Peter’s Heart. The students in the Preparatory School will learn from the students in the Middle School and alongside their peers at Heart.

Our students have access to a specialised learning environment in St Peter’s Heart - qualified Special Education Teachers and Assistants, in small class environments. At times, under the oversight of Mrs Nash (Head of Learning Enhancement) and the classroom teacher, students at Grammar will join with small groups including students at Heart, for focused learning. There aren’t many schools that have access to such specialised support and being one community - it is my intent to make the most of this. This may occur in regular classrooms, common areas or in the rooms at St Peter’s Heart. We have a first class Learning Enhancement department that now has access to the additional benefit of the St Peter’s Heart community as another option for assistance. 

Year 7 students are planning on the development of gardens for the Heart students as part of their Technology curriculum. They will assist at carnivals and in reading programmes. 

My point - despite the change, there are so many benefits for our students in the new opportunities of our sub schools. Our focus will always be on what is best for our students.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions,

Or catch Mr Raft  - Head of the Preparatory School, Mr Kelshaw - Head of the Middle School or Mrs Peters - Director of St Peter’s Heart. 


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