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Future Proofing 
One of the significant areas that needs to be considered in educational settings, is the concept of future proofing. We need to think well beyond the here and now, and consider what the future holds for our entity. We need to think in that space, to ensure that the decisions we make in this space, are well considered and appropriate. Future proofing is considered in financial management of our school, it is considered in the learning space as we consider what our students will need, as they prepare to enter a world that does not exist yet. It is considered in our learning spaces, as education continues to evolve, and research directs us in how students learn best, we need to consider the spaces we teach in, and how these are equipped for the future. 
Sometimes of course, we are thrown curveballs that cause us to change our plans and this is right and appropriate. 
2019 has been a year of thinking about the future. It has been a year where we have considered the future needs of our school and this is something that I will be outlining further in my Presentation Evening address. Change is a reality and we need to plan for that reality. Indeed, rarely does a day go by where a parent doesn't suggest a change or request a change in policy, practice or decision.
The Schools' Council oversee my work here as I lead St. Peter's, a school that in my opinion, is superior to any other offering of a Preparatory school. We continue to achieve academically, care pastorally and teach Christianly. As the Schools' Council continue to consider the needs of St. Peter's moving into the future, we are excited about growth possibilities and new opportunities. 
The opening of our fifth 5th Prep class in 2020, is a great joy, as we seek to provide the best start for our youngest students. 
The Schools' Council have also approved the school applying for a grant from the NSW Government to commence a renovation of our campus. Whilst this doesn't guarantee success, it is exciting to be thinking about what our campus may look like, into the future.
It has been an exciting year of learning and growth for our students. I commend our staff for their diligence and efforts throughout the year and wish you all a restful and relaxing holiday period, as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.

Valedictory means 'serving as a farewell' and at this time of year, it is one of the hardest parts of our school, saying farewell to our amazing Year 6 students. This evening, Year 6 will gather for their valedictory dinner and graduation. We will acknowledge and thank them for their learning, their leadership and their commitment to St. Peter's. 
Being a Preparatory School, we prepare our students for what will come. We have given them skills, values and attitudes to be effective life-long learners. Our students go on to many schools, with a significant number receiving scholarships and entry into Selective High Schools. As the new alumni of St. Peter's, we delight in hearing how their learning journeys continue. 
Thank you, Year 6. Congratulations on your graduation from St. Peter's and we wish you God's blessings into the future. 
Orientation Events
What a wonderful few weeks at school as we've welcomed our new students into St. Peter's through our Orientation events. Kindergarten 2020 over two days this week and our Class Orientation yesterday afternoon. The buzz was amazing as students now eagerly anticipate all that 2020 will bring. 


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