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A Secondary Opportunity

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A Secondary Opportunity

Last week, I shared with parents in our community a video introduction explaining that the Schools' Council were undertaking a Feasibility Study into the possible expansion of St. Peter's to allow the introduction of the secondary years. What a wonderful opportunity for our community!
I stated that this must link to our vision and mission. Our vision states that 'St. Peter’s will strive to provide an inspiring, nurturing and dynamic learning environment, underpinned by Christian faith and with a focus on a strong Academic Curriculum'.
I went on to explain that how we achieve this vision, has become the topic of much conversation, prayer and consideration. 
The concept of secondary is not new for St. Peter's or indeed the Schools' Council. Broughton Anglican College commenced in 1986 as the secondary school for St. Peter's. Some years later, Broughton commenced a Junior School and much has changed since then.
I thank the members of our parent community who have already engaged in this process, by completing the online consultation survey, being conducted through Resolve Consulting, or by speaking to me directly. It has been encouraging to read of families who are excited about this possibility. It is equally important to hear of genuine concern of some that by growing, we might lose some of what makes St. Peter's, so special. 
Allow me to reiterate, no decision has been made to commence secondary. Your feedback is assisting the Schools' Council to make an informed decision. Many suggestions and questions have been raised and will be addressed through a FAQ sheet, which will be published once the survey closes on Friday, 11 September. Please ensure you have had your say prior to this date. 
Please be mindful that there will be much speculation about this matter - location preferences have not been determined and won't be prior to a decision being made. I can assure you that there are no plans to include the cemetery in any expansion plans.
Many families have specifically requested consideration of this expansion. Families who have moved on from St. Peter's, have done so because of our lack of secondary offering. Even our students regularly suggest this in 'Chip n Chat', which is a great delight. Whatever happens, rest assured that the provision of quality Christian, Inquiry Based, student and future focused learning, will not change. The only question is, what age groups may access this, at St. Peter's?
Keep praying, keep clarifying and keep asking questions.


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