Update From The Headmaster - 20 May 2020

Stage Green

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 

Thank you for your patience as we have followed various advice around the expected gradual reintroduction of physical schooling. You will no doubt have heard that the Premier of NSW has indicated that all public schools will be returning to full time face to face schooling from next Monday, 25 May 2020.

Following advice and consideration of a variety of matters, I am pleased to advise that school will return for all students at St. Peter’s, full time, from next Monday, 25 May 2020. We look forward to welcoming everyone back. 

Whilst Stage Green means all students back at school, it doesn’t mean ‘normal’. Please take the opportunity to review the following information to ensure appropriate understanding.

Adult distancing is still essential. Whilst we understand the desire to connect and catch up with other parents, we respectfully request that appropriate social distancing is maintained. 

Drop Off and Pick Up:

We are requiring as many as possible to utilise kiss n drop or the Church pick up areas. Staff will escort children from or to your car. 

If you do need to walk your children to the school gate, please maintain physical distancing. This is essential. Staff would prefer not to reprimand parents, so we ask that you help us in this regard. 

St. Peter’s Buses:

Students will sit on separate seats (siblings excepted) with cleaning of the buses occurring after each trip. Students will be given hand sanitiser as they enter the bus. Temperatures will be checked on arrival at school. 


We will continue with additional cleaning of the campus. Please remind your children of the importance of handwashing and using sanitiser as they enter classrooms. 

Remote Learning:

As students return to school on Monday, remote learning will not continue. Whilst aspects of SeeSaw, Google Classroom and technology will be maintained, this will not be in the format it has been. 

Continuing to Self Isolate:

If you are continuing to self-isolate, please email absence@stpeters.nsw.edu.au indicating your child’s name, class and the reason. Some literacy and numeracy suggestions will be provided, however the same remote learning experience will not be available. 

COVID Testing:

It is essential if you or someone in your household is tested for COVID, that your household remain away from school and advise the Headmaster immediately. Please note that medical clearance will be required following any positive test. 

General Illness:

Thanks for understanding that anyone who is unwell, must remain at home. We will ask that anyone unwell is collected from school immediately, as we seek to keep our school safe. 


As students adjust to the sharp changes in routine and expectation, please note that there will not be homework provided for the remainder of this term. 

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