40 Year's of St Peter's

What a wonderful 40th Birthday celebration we had at St Peter's last Friday. 
Our Thanksgiving Service was a such a special way to commemorate this occasion, thanking God for the provision of our school and for answering the prayers of the parents and church members who, 40 years ago, stepped out in faith and started our school beginning the education of children at St Peter's.  I would like to thank all who contributed to this event, and in particular Mrs Jackson and Mrs Turnball who were two of the foundation students and shared their recollections of the early days at St Peter's.  One commonality between those days, our present day school, and St Peter's of the future, is the focus on teaching students to live "Life Through Christ"
Our Community Movie Night was amazing!  Seeing so many families flock through the gates to enjoy dinner, face painting, balloon sculptures, a photo booth and of course, our movie, was a true reminder of the fantastic community that we have at St Peter's.  So many families remarked that we "need to do that again next year".  I am certainly looking forward to many such events in the future.


Due to the expected high temperatures next week, students wearing our old St Peter's uniform are welcome to wear their summer uniform to school.  Students in the new Grammar uniform are already able to select the uniform most appropriate for the weather, and next week may wear this without their tie and blazer (as required for Primary students in Term 2 and 3).

What's Coming Up....

After a very busy term, we have just one week to go before our Spring holiday break.  
As well as our Kindergarten and Year 1 Parents and Carers afternoon teas, families of our Pre-Kindergarten (Wombats and Echidnas), Kindergarten - Year 2 students are welcome to join us for our annual Junior Primary Athletics Carnival on Friday, 22 September 2023.   It will be a day full of activity including running races as well as other fun physical activities for our youngest students!
Our Year 6 students will be travelling to St Greg's Junior School to view their PYP Exhibition on Wednesday.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Year 6 to see an Exhibition in action in preparation for their own in Term 4. 
I wish all of our families a safe and relaxing holiday break, and look forward to seeing everyone back safely to begin Term 4 on Monday, 9 October 2023.

Parents and Carers Afternoon Tea

It was wonderful to spend some time with a small group of Year 2 parents yesterday afternoon at our first Afternoon Tea.  Mrs Hadfield and I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with parents about our school, receiving feedback and sharing information.  
We are looking forward to meeting with our Year 1 and Kindergarten parents next week, and look forward to enjoying afternoon tea with parents from other grades early in Term 4.

St Peter's Uniform Shop Change

As you are aware, our Uniform Shop is moving offsite, with the final trading day at St Peter's being Friday 22 September, 2023.  
Due to the transition to the new outlet in Narellan, there will be no uniform sales available during the upcoming September school holidays.  
To ensure all students have the necessary uniform items for the beginning of Term 4, we have made our school shop available each day for the remainder of the term by appointment or by emailing orders to shop@stpeters.nsw.edu.au.
As previously communicated, from the beginning of 2024, all students Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4 must be wearing our new St Peter's Grammar uniform.  We encourage Year 5 students to begin transitioning to this uniform as they have 2 years in which to use it and new stock of old uniform items is minimal.  
Current Year 2 students who require new uniform items, are welcome to purchase the Years 3 - 6 uniform items and begin wearing this during Term 4.  

From 9 October 2023 the uniform will be available to be purchased from the Ranier Shop located in Narellan at Unit 5, 6-8 Porrende Street (behind Bunnings) and will be open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and Saturdays from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Uniform can also be purchased online from 9 October 2023.  The online shop is available at shop.ranier.com.au ; families have the options of home delivery or Click & Collect at the shop. The shop can be contacted by phone 02 4647 8942 or email to narellan@ranier.com.au.

Student Achievements

Mrs Michelle McDonnell - Principal

At St Peter's we love to celebrate students achievements, both those that occur at school, as well as those at activities afterschool and on the weekends.  If you would like us to share your childs achievements, either as an individual or as part of a team, please let us know by emailing newsletter@stpeters.nsw.edu.au with the details and a photograph of your child.

Recent Events!

Mrs Nerida Hadfield - Deputy Principal

Term 3 has been full of amazing opportunities for students to explore and gain an understanding of our world through learning across many different areas. We have celebrated the boundless potential, creativity, and intellectual curiosity that thrives in our school during our assemblies most weeks. 


Last week was a joyful celebration for the 40 years of St. Peter’s Anglican Grammar that began with our Thanksgiving Service and ended with our Community Movie Night. As a staff, we loved seeing our community come together and witness the laughter, connections and friendships of both children and adults. We are grateful to God for the unity of our school and all that is to be celebrated.


This week was bursting with colour during our Colour Run and we were grateful the smoke cleared enough for this to go ahead. Students were grouped in their houses for fun activities and for the run/walk/dancing around the school. Thank you to Mrs Bingham for all her organisation for this event.


We had Senior Constable Michel here for our Cyber Safety Parent Information sessions this week. She shared around the dangers our children are exposed to through online activities and how to protect them as best we can. Thank you to the families who came and invested into this session and shared their knowledge also.

In Term 4 we hope to foster a deeper sense of connection and pride within our community, as together, we continue to empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers. With one week to go, I am praying the break will be a time of rest and fun. Thank you for your ongoing support.


IPSHA Social Justice

On Wednesday, 6 September 2023, four students from Year 4 and six students from Year 5 embarked on a remarkable journey at the IPSHA Social Justice Expo held at The King's School. There, they witnessed captivating presentations on student empowerment and school-driven change, setting the stage for their own impactful showcase. The Year 5 students proudly shared our school's inspiring work in Intumbane, a testament to St Peter’s commitment to creating a better world.


Can you share your thoughts on the IPSHA Social Justice Expo and what it was all about?


Elizabeth: There were a lot of different students from different schools there, all trying to make a difference, whether in their own school or somewhere else. It was about spreading justice and making a positive impact.


Alyssa: The Social Justice Expo showed us how individuals can inspire, help others, and make change. It challenged us to think differently. 


Imogen: The Social Justice Expo was about showcasing what each school is passionate about and how they support causes. We discussed our progress in fundraising and why it's important.


Rhythm: It was really good to hear all the different ways schools are helping a variety of needs. I didn’t expect so many schools actively creating solutions for problems locally and around the world.  


How was the day different from what you expected?


Evie: It was awesome to see different perspectives and personal connections.


Oliver: More schools attended, and we participated in challenges. It was great to see so many people caring.


Alyssa: It was more interactive, with many stalls actively making a difference.

What role did St. Peter’s play in the Expo?


Imogen: St. Peter's went to the Expo to share our passion for supporting Intumbane. We set up stalls to educate and encourage others to support this cause.


Ryan: We talked about Intumbane, a school in South Africa, and what it means to us.


Ella: We’ve been able to supply equipment for sport or learning, including books to help them have a fun and exciting school experience. 


Harlem:  We got to tell others how St. Peter’s is making a huge difference to Intumabne and allowing them to have access to water through a well we funded. 


Can you describe some of the other causes Schools were supporting at the Expo?


Ryan: Some were acting externally and cleaning public places like the beach, and others were investing in their own community by engaging with lonely kids in the playground. 


Rhythm: A school had a display all about Leading Ladies who were changing the world and using them as mentors and examples of what we can do. It was a real challenge to us all. 


Evie: Some schools displayed how they visited remote schools in Australia and provided books, and helped establish safe practices.


Oliver: I saw a stall that cooked food for the homeless and provided meals to them.


What did you learn from attending the Expo?


Elizabeth: Finding your passion and acting on it is essential. Many people supporting various charities can make a substantial impact on our world. 


Evie: We need to give back to our communities.


Harlem: One of the schools donate a small box of gifts to children in other countries who are living in poverty. In December they collect and send these things across the world to bring joy to others. 


Ryan: Always choose kindness, that is how it spreads. It is contagious and small acts make huge changes. 


After attending the Expo, what advice or message do you have for St. Peter’s students?


Elizabeth: Everyone needs to use their blessings to help others. All people making a difference is crucial; we all need to commit and be united. 


Imogen: Show the world who you are, and don't be afraid. Small actions can lead to significant change.


Ella: It is important to give and not keep all your things for yourself, but to share. 


The ten students who represented St. Peter’s are presenting their inspired learning to Mrs McDonnell and Mrs Hadfield to discuss how we can continue to grow our Social Justice practices in the school and build on the foundations we have already laid

House Colour Fun Run

As the year's series of carnivals drew to a close, it was time to mark the occasion with a vibrant House Colour Fun Run. On Wednesday, September 13th, students and staff woke up and put on their pristine whites in order to have it taken over by an explosion of colour. This event, a favourite on our yearly calendar, once again brought immense joy to our students. We embarked on laps around the school grounds, striving to be drenched from head to toe in a kaleidoscope of hues while enthusiastically participating in a range of activities.

St Peter's Annual Tennis Competition

Mrs Kasie Bingham - Sports Administrator

The Annual St Peter’s Tennis Competition is currently taking place. Students have signed up to compete in either singles and/or doubles. A draw is displayed on the noticeboard across from the back library door. Games are subject to weather and students will be told when a postponed game will be played.

Students can bring their own tennis racket the day their match is scheduled. The matches will take place during lunch times. Families are not able to attend this event.

IPSHA Gymnastics

On November, 2nd, 2023 (Week 4, Term 4) we will be taking a team of Representative Gymnasts to the IPSHA Gymnastics Carnival. Congratulations to the students who have qualified and will be representing St Peter’s at the Carnival this year.



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 5

Everly V

Sophia K

Alison A

Eva-Sofia H

Olivia P

Remy C

Sophia N

Alyssa F

Isobel V

Sophie T

Amelia C

Emma C

Imogen C



Level 1

Level 3

Oliver H

Liam C

Nate C

Alexander M

Documents adn videos to practise the routines will be shared with students via email by the end of term 3. 



IPSSO Summer sports will return in Term 4. These are a continuation of the teams from Term 1 - Mixed Oz Tag, Mixed Basketball, Cricket and Girls Soccer. Students will be handed their uniforms next week. Term 4 IPSSO Draw (subject to change).

CIS Athletics Carnival


Good luck to Lachlan S, Woojin S and Emma C who have qualified to the CIS (State) Athletics Championships on Tuesday, 19th September. We wish you all the best in your events.

Term Dates for 2024


  • We are so thankful for a great term that we have had. For all the learning, opportunities and fun times we have had.
  • We pray for a safe and enjoyable holiday. We pray for those travelling, that they will be safe and enjoy the time away to rest and reflect. 
  • We pray for term 4, that this would be a great time together finishing out learning journies, We pray that our year 6 students will finish well and enjoy their final term at St Peter's




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Spotlight on St Peter's Heart (and St Peter's Anglican Grammar!)

Mrs Deborah Nash - Head of Learning Enhancement
The St Peter's Heart Lorikeets class went on an excursion to the Sydney Zoo on Thursday 14 September 2023 and a group of seven St Peter's Anglican Grammar students had the privilege of attending the excursion with them. From meerkats to lions and koalas to cheetahs, our Heart and Grammar students had a marvellous time enjoying God's amazing creation as they viewed the animals in their different habitats. Some students were brave enough to pat a snake and a blue-tongue lizard. Other students (and teachers) preferred to enjoy them from a greater distance! The weather was excellent with the sun shining all day, and if anyone was a bit hot there were water misting stations to cool them down (these were lots of fun!). It was so wonderful to see our students supporting and encouraging one another and having a great time together. Thank you to Miss Busutel and Mrs Ball for organising such an exciting excursion!
Are you able to spot the animals hiding in the background of each photo?!