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Uniform Matters

Mrs Michelle McDonnell - Principal

As you are aware, Term 2 marks the change over to Winter Uniform in our school.  Our Uniform Shop is open by appointment only. Please contact our School Office 4627 2990 to book an appointment.

During Weeks 1-3, students may wear either Summer or Winter uniform.  Sports uniform with House Polo should be worn Tuesday - Thursday of Week 3 as students return to school in their House groups.  

Winter Uniforms at OSHC

Mrs Lana Schwigtenberg - OSHC Coordinator

This term the children will be wearing their winter uniforms.  Could we please ask you to ensure your child's blazer and hats are clearly labelled with their name. The children are also required to hang up their blazers on our coat racks.

We kindly ask all children to bring a labelled coat hanger for use in OSHC.    

Vacation Care

We would like to share with you, some of the fun the children had during our April Vacation Care. The children had a blast participating in many activities including; making their own shelters, going on a journey through wonderland, decorating cakes and meringues. As well as experiencing the wonders of art, learning how to tie dye, and having makeovers.

We are looking forward to continuing the fun during Term 2.


OSHC Continues To Operate

Our OSHC centre continues to operate as normal and is available for families to utilise if their child is attending school physically. Families will need to continue to provide their own snacks at this time.

Please contact oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au with any queries in this regard. It is essential that bookings are made to ensure we have sufficient staff on site to care for students.

Thanks for your assistance. 

New Students

We would like to welcome the following new students who have joined our school:



Year 1


New Baby

Congratulations to Braxton (Prep) and his parents as they welcome his new sister Savannah into their family.

May God bless them all with good health and happiness.

Please let us know of baby news, as we would love to celebrate with you.

2021 Scholarship Application Due Date Extension

Please note we have extended the due date for all 2021 Scholarship Applications.  Families now have until Friday, 22 May 2020 to submit a Scholarship Application.
For more information regarding Scholarships for 2021, please see our website or contact the School Office.

Learning Anywhere

Prayer Points

  • Give thanks for the recent Easter break and the hope and joy we have in the resurrection of Jesus.

  • Pray for continued wisdom as decisions are made across both our nation and school.

  • Pray for the concerns people have regarding the Coronavirus, that we will be filled with peace and put our trust in God.

School Calendar

Term 2 

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 -Friday, 3 July 2020

Week 3

Monday 11 May 2020

Students Commence Term 2 one day per week.

Week 4

Thursday 22 May 2020 

Year 5, 2021 Scholarships are due





The Importance of Physical Activity

We know that children require regular exercise to promote healthy growth and development. It is recommended that young people accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity daily. Research suggests that children who establish healthy lifestyle patterns are more likely to carry them and their benefits throughout their lives. 

In the context of the current pandemic, with increased time spent indoors and organised sporting competitions currently cancelled, it’s important that we continue to purposefully create opportunities for children to engage in forms of physical activity. Regular exercise in and around your home may also positively impact your child’s emotional wellbeing and provide some helpful structure to the day.  

Motivating children to take a break from a screen to exercise can pose a challenge at times. Below is a list of five (5) fun and creative physical activities that may be of benefit to your family at this time. 

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items across the backyard or throughout the house and have kids race to find each clue. If you want to sneak even more exercise into this activity, include requirements with each clue, such as 'Do four cartwheels before moving on,' or 'Hop on one leg for 30 seconds.' This activity can be elaborate and long or short and simple.

Chalk Maze

Chalk can assist in some fun fitness activities. Draw an elaborate, detailed maze all over the driveway, then let the family run through it! This activity encourages fitness and creativity at the same time.

Dance Party

Play your favourite tunes, turn up the volume and get moving. Kids can compete for the best dance move, or simply make up a dance to an entire song. GoNoodle and Just Dance are popular platforms for kids to get their dail dose of dance fun.

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Redefining School

I have been quite interested over the past few months to see how so many businesses have redefined themselves, in an attempt to stay afloat during these unprecedented times. The local pub and restaurant, providing take home pre prepared meals, take away and delivery where it was never provided previously. 
The drive through coffee option, bread and milk from McDonalds. The encouragement of online shopping has seen Australia Post change the frequency of traditional mail delivery in favour of parcel delivery. Traditional shop fronts have moved completely online to the point where people are questioning the need to spend money on unnecessary shop fronts in shopping centres. 
The innovation of some has been obvious, although the reality of this situation has also hit other organisations and businesses to the point of no return.
I used to teach a unit with my Year 6 class under the transdisciplinary theme, 'How we Organise Ourselves' focusing on governing and money. Students would establish a business plan, would source their goods or services, would set up their business in a school 'village' and would have the government apply restrictions, taxes, regulation on their business. Students would have to plan, think mathematically, strategically and creatively to ensure their business survived. They were learning essential skills and understanding in a real world way.
Schools likewise, have needed to re-think what school is. After all, what we traditionally thought of school, hasn't been the reality for the past few months. Whilst we have moved to a remote learning campus approach, some of the fundamentals have been missing. As a teacher, I'm relational, the connection and the community of the classroom, are vital.
As we begin to move back into a situation where students are back on campus, physically, this should cause us to rethink what is essential in school. In all schools there are many structures, traditions and expectations that remain simply because they've always been done that way. What would you like to see change here at St. Peter's?
Like all businesses, schools, (and St. Peter's is no exception) needs to think about our offerings and adjust to ensure we can continue to provide quality Christian education here in the centre of Campbelltown well into the future. I'd love to hear from you, if you have a suggestion or recommendation you'd like me and/or the Schools' Council to consider. Any suggestions/feedback can be emailed to feedback@stpeters.nsw.edu.au
It has been excellent to gradually welcome back so many of our families. I'll keep you informed of changing goal posts as we move toward all of our students being back on campus, and as we continue to consider redefining what school is and should be.