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Why parents are opting out...

Mr Brendan Gorman - Headmaster
You may not be aware that St. Peter's has an 'opt-out' policy in relation to homework. Research continues to be inconclusive as to any positive effect in making primary aged children do more work, often unrelated to work they are doing in the classroom, after hours. 
If research can't prove a positive effect, then why do we force our children to do something, that is often damaging to family relationships, and prevents children from doing things that could be argued, are far more beneficial?
This is not to discount the very real benefit of regular and wide reading. This is not to discount the need for some children, in consultation with classroom teachers or Learning Enhancement staff, to be undertaking various drills and review to assist them in their learning. 
We, at St. Peter's, encourage children to get outside and do something physical. To spend time talking with their families, to learn a musical instrument, to inquire of their own desire.
Recognising that this is a contentious issue and that some families desire effective study habits, we allow parents to choose. We also have implemented family week in the middle of each term, where no homework is provided. Time is encouraged to be spent with family members.
Homework that is meaningful is provided and marked each week. Families can choose to participate, or to opt out. To opt out, parents simply need to indicate this in the student diary. Opting out can be done permanently for the year, for a term, or for a shorter period of time. Eg - 'it just didn't happen this week'. That's ok!
We are pleased to work in partnership with our families in this regard. 
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Prep and Kindergarten 2021 Information Evening

Mrs Michelle McDonnell - Head of Development & Operations (Deputy Head)
Our Prep and Kindergarten 2021 Information evening will be held on Thursday, 5 March 2020 from 6.00 pm in the School Hall.  This is an integral part of our enrolment process and we look forward to seeing families on this occasion. 
It is essential that we are aware of any siblings that you wish to attend St. Peter's. This can be done through the application process on our School Website: 
We also encourage you to invite families who have children ready to begin Prep or Kindergarten in 2021 to register their interest in attending by visiting our website or by calling our School Office: 4627 2990.
Please note: Families with students currently enrolled in our 2020 Prep classes do not need to attend this evening.

Morning Routines

It is lovely to be at the front of the school each morning, greeting our students as they arrive with a smile for another day of learning.  Our Kindergarten students have come so far in such a short time, many now confidently using the drop off facility and enjoying time in the playground in the morning before school begins.  

Beginning next week, we will have some of our Year 6 students near the Kindergarten classrooms before school, to assist with this process. Year 6 students will encourage students to come with them to the playground for a run around or game.  We request that parents do not go around into the playground in the mornings.  If your child is having difficulty separating from you and you would like some assistance with this process, please let the class teacher know in the first instance.

Just a reminder that we would like all students to arrive at school by 8.45 am so farewells may be made before the morning bell rings at 8.55 am. This will ensure that students have enough time to hang their bags on their hook outside the classroom and to play in the playground with their friends.

Parents of students in Kindergarten and Year 1 may assist their child to hang their bag outside the classroom when they arrive at school.  Students in Years 2 - 6 should carry their bags upstairs and hang them on their hook outside the classroom.  We request that parents and younger siblings do not accompany these students upstairs.  This will ensure our stairs and verandahs remain uncongested, as this can create a safety issue. 

Children arriving after the bell rings at 8.55 am will be required to enter through our School Office in order to obtain a late note to give to their teacher and then walk through to the classroom by themselves.

If students are running late on the morning when they have Chapel, we would appreciate parents escorting them to Chapel once they have obtained their late note from the School Office.

We appreciate your support in these matters.

Harmony Week / International Day - Advanced Notice

Harmony Week is held each year in March.  This year we will be celebrating our cultural diversity with International Day on Thursday, 19 March 2020. 

Students are invited to wear National dress or orange clothing and accessories to school on this day.



A Glimpse into the Early Years at St. Peter's

Mrs Jamie Nielson - The Dean of Early Learning

At St. Peter’s, we have the privilege of providing Early Years programmes across Prep and Kindergarten, aiming to honour the significant impact that early years education has in aiding children’s successful transition into formal schooling. These programmes have evolved over the years with the contributions and insights of many passionate and skilled leaders and teaching practitioners, all of whom have applied their knowledge of educational research and best practice to develop high quality teaching and learning programmes to support our youngest learners.  

2020 will be a year of excitement and celebration across Prep and Kindergarten. We will continue to offer a balance of play-based and structured learning experiences where children have opportunities to interact, inquire, explore, question, develop critical and creative thinking skills and to become active members of our classroom communities. 

As play is at the heart of our Early Years programme, children’s mathematical understanding will be nurtured through practical exploration and investigation. Prep students will develop early number sense through playful provocations, which provide foundations for mathematical thinking and problem solving. In Kindergarten these explorations continue and grow rich in conversation as students measure, compare, tally, manipulate, model and engage in mathematical processes. 

Early literacy development will be an ongoing focus in Prep as students begin to acquire pre-reading and writing skills through group learning activities, songs, shared reading experiences and literacy-based play. Children will tune into sounds and rhyming patterns within spoken words and will start to recognise when words begin with the same sound. 

As students commence the year in Kindergarten they will build upon these pre-reading skills to develop explicit strategies for decoding and composing texts. Our Kindergarten students will work towards becoming confident and proficient readers and writers who access a broad range of literacy skills and strategies to support their learning.

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Meet the Teacher

Mrs Melinda Richardson - Head of Learning & Music PYP Coordinator
Our Meet the Teacher sessions were a wonderful opportunity for making connections between home and school. It was lovely to witness so many of our students taking the lead, showing their parents where their classroom is located and introducing them to their teacher. These home and classroom connections are incredibly important, and we thank those who attended this event. 
If you have any feedback regarding this event, including suggestions for how we may continue to connect with you and help you understand our classrooms better, please let us know by email: feedback@stpeters.nsw.edu.au
In Week 10, we will hold our first Parent / Teacher Interview sessions for the year. This will be an opportunity for you to meet formally with your child's teacher, and to discuss how they have settled in for the year. More information will be sent home closer to the time.

Parents Information Session / Friends of St. Peter's Forum

Parent Information Session / Friends of St. Peter's Forum
We value our parents and your opinions on how to make our school the best it can be. 
Each term, the school will host a meeting of the 'Friends of St. Peter's' This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions, to raise suggestions for consideration or just to clarify matters. 
Email invitations have gone home for our first event on Tuesday, 25 February 2020 at 2.00 pm and repeated at 7.00 pm. 
Mr Connell will be outlining how SeeSaw is being used for all students Prep - Year 6 this year and Miss Oberle will be clarifying changes to the PYP framework that is now embedded at St. Peter's. 
Please provide your RSVP by Monday, 24 February 2020 via: events@stpeters.nsw.edu.au

Co-Curricular Groups 2020

Premier's Reading Challenge for 2020

Mrs Deborah Nash - Head of Learning Enhancement

We are pleased to announce that we will be running the Premier’s Reading Challenge again this year. From Week 6, all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 will be issued with a sticker in the back of their school diary with the PRC website, start and finish dates, username and password. If parents are willing for their child to participate, they need to enter reading records online. The rules and processes for the Challenge are available on the PRC website. Please log-in as soon as possible after receiving the username and password to check it accesses the PRC website correctly.

If you have difficulties logging on, please contact me by emailing: administration@stpeters.nsw.edu.au  'Attn Mrs Nash PRC' with your child’s details, and I will reset the password.

We will also be holding the St. Peter’s Challenge where students read books beyond the required number for the official PRC. Paper copies of Reading Records for this purpose will be available from the School Office or the Library. Please do not include the 20 or 30 required books for the official online PRC completion in the St. Peter’s Challenge list.

Happy reading, and thank you for your support of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Mrs Nash (PRC Coordinator)

IPSSO Sport 2020

Mrs Fiona Hornman - The Dean of Sport

IPSSO Sport was cancelled last week due to the Sports grounds being closed due to weather conditions.

This week teams played against Macarthur Anglican School.

Results were as follows:

Junior Sport: Wednesday, 19 February 2020







Oz Tag






Senior Sport: Wednesday, 19 February 2020







Oz Tag






Players of the Match:

Junior Soccer: Leona B

Senior Soccer: Alexia L

Junior Oz Tag: Alicia W

Senior Oz Tag: Brooke D

Junior Cricket: Jovanpreet M

Senior Cricket: Alexander C

Junior Basketball: Alexander M

Senior Basketball: Daniel F

A reminder that training for Rep Sport commences at 8.00 am each Wednesday and student attendance is an expectation of being in the team.

House Points Tally

Congratulations to Roxburgh for leading the House Points Tally this fortnight. 

2021 Scholarships

St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School Scholarships for 2021 are available to new entry students and those enrolled in our school in Year 4, 2020. Scholarships are available in three categories:

  • Academic
  • Music
  • All Rounder

Scholarship Information and Application Forms can be located on the School Website and from the School Office.

Scholarship applications close:

Thursday, 9 April 2020.

School Banking

School Banking encourages children to save a little money each week (any amount) into their Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account, helping them learn about the value of money and develop a good saving habit. 

When you open a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account, your child will receive a Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites deposit wallet to use for School Banking. If they have an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account, visit your nearest branch to receive your Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites wallet.

Our School Banking programme has exciting rewards to encourage children to practice good savings habits. This year, include some environmentally friendly and reusable rewards, plus others that encourage creativity, as well as indoor and outdoor play.

Bring your deposit to school in your Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites deposit wallet on your weekly ‘School Banking Day’ to collect a silver Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites token.

Once you collect 10 tokens (if receiving physical tokens)(maximum one token per week) you can choose a reward by placing the redemption slip or card and 10 tokens in your Dollarmites deposit wallet and bring in on School Banking Day.

Our School Banking will take place every Wednesday morning from 9.30 am.

Year 7 2021 & 2022 Open Morning at Broughton Anglican College

Birth Announcement

Congratulations to Sam (our School IT Assistant) and his wife Athi on the safe arrival of their new daughter who was born on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 and a new sister to Gopika in Year 3.

We wish them every happiness as a family.

St. Peter's School Shop

Our St. Peter's School Shop is open:

Monday:  8.00 am - 10.45 am and 1.00 pm - 3.45 pm

Wednesday:  8.00 am - 10.45 am



Prayer Points

  • Give thanks for a wonderful start to the new school year.
  • Give thanks for the blessing of rain.
  • Pray for families and communities who have been impacted by storm damage and flooding.

School Calendar - Tuesdays, 28 January 2020 - Thursday, 9 April 2020

Week 5

Tuesday 25 February 2020

2.00 pm: Parents Information Session

7.00 pm: Parents Information Session / Friends of St. Peter's Forum

Wednesday 26 February 2020

9.30 am - 10.30 am: School Banking

Friday 28 February 2020

8.15 am - 2.00 pm: Year 6 Taste of High School Day - Broughton Anglican College

8.30 am  - 9.15 am Executive Drop in

Week 6

Monday 2 March 2020

11.30 am: Junior Primary Assembly

2.30 pm: Primary Assembly

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Junior and Senior Rep Sports - BYE

5.50 am - 4.00 pm: IPSHA Swimming & Diving Carnival (Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre -Homebush)

Thursday 5 March 2020

6.00 pm - 8.00 pm:Prep & Kindergarten 2021 Information Evening

Friday 6 March 2020

Years 2 - 6 - Cross Country @ Broughton Anglican College 



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