Welcome to OSHC

Mrs Lana Schwigtenberg - OSHC Coordinator

The OSHC team would like to warmly welcome all our families to OSHC for 2022. We are loving getting to know you all and helping our new children settle into our OSHC family and familiarise themselves with our routines. We offer many experiences for the children to participate in daily, these activities stem from the children’s interests, needs and ideas. The children are actively involved in creating our programme. It is important for children to be actively involved in creating their environments as they learn skills such as collaboration, negotiating and decision making.

Some of the activities the children have been involved in this Term include, painting, exploring playdough, blocks, trains, dolls, puzzles, board games, colouring in, learning origami, box construction, kite making, animal crafts, rice play, playing in home corner, basketball, soccer and skipping. All these activities are not only fun but are valuable learning opportunities for the children. As children play, they are being creative, using their imagination, learning to share, turn take, resolve conflicts, develop their dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play children develop the skills to engage and interact in the world around them.

Meet Our OSHC Staff For 2022

Food at OSHC

The OSHC Centre provides a menu that is created with the children. We serve breakfast, afternoon, and late afternoon tea. Please note we finish serving breakfast at 8:15am. We are always looking for new menu ideas. If you have any recipes you could share, please speak to one of our OSHC staff as we would love to hear from you.

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care Programme is always very popular, and the children have an absolute blast when they are here. We have lots of activities planned for the upcoming April School Holiday period into which the children have had lots of input.

Please note: Children in Pre-Kindergarten can attend on the same days they currently attend Pre-Kindergarten only. The Vacation Care Programme will be emailed out in the coming weeks and parents will be able to book online through Trybookings. The email will contain the programme and steps on how to book and when the bookings will be open.

On days that we charge an extra fee for special activities, this fee is combined with the daily fee. This is to enable the childcare subsidy to be applied to both your daily fee and the activity fee. Please note that to claim your childcare subsidy you must have applied for this through Centrelink. If you have any questions regarding this or would like information on how to set up your childcare subsidy, please contact the OSHC Coordinator Lana Schwigtenberg by:

phone 4627 2990 ext #2 or via email: oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au

No Hat No Play

Children are required to bring a hat from home to play outside at OSHC.

Please note that children are unable to wear their walking hats or use their class play hats.



Please remember if you need to cancel your child’s booking you need contact the OSHC Centre by 4.00pm the day prior for Before School Care bookings, or by 9.00am the day of your After School Care bookings. If cancellations are not notified during these times, you will be charged the daily fee.

You may contact the OSHC Centre by phone 4627 2990 ext #2 or via email at oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au

Late Pick Up Fees

Please note the OSHC Centre closes at 6.00pm, if you collect your child after this time, you will be charged a late fee.



We welcome your feedback. Your ideas, thoughts and suggestions are important to us and help us to create a quality service for you and your children. You can do this by having a chat with us, or via email at oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au

Operation Christmas Child

Annually, St Peter’s OSHC work with the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Organisation. This is such a rewarding experience for the children, they develop an understanding that through their help they can assist others in need. We have been overwhelmed in the past with our family’s support and generosity which enabled us to generously pack 24 shoe boxes and send off to children in need. We will be continuing to work with the organisation again this year. Information on this has been sent home with the children. If you have any questions or did not receive this information, please speak with Mrs Lana Schwigtenberg.


Loose Parts Play

Loose parts play involves using a wide selection of everyday objects and materials to create, build, invent, and experiment. Loose parts play has many benefits including developing imagination, creativity, physical health, fine and gross motor skills, behaviour, cooperation, teamwork, and concentration.

We need your help!

We would be extremely grateful if you could search your home and or business for any unused objects or materials to donate for loose parts play. The great thing about loose parts play is that it involves upcycling and recycling objects so basically anything goes.  These items can include boxes, buttons, bottle lids, corks, material off cuts, nuts and bolts and kitchenware. The only thing we ask is that objects have not contained nut products or any chemicals. We also are unable to accept egg cartons and toilet rolls. 

These might seem to be unusual play items, but they can be used in endless different ways, allowing children to create and make anything from a racing car, a robot or a machine invention to a palace, or a cubby house. 

If you able to donate any items please see one of our OSHC staff.

OSHC Policy & Procedure Reviews

The St. Peter’s OSHC Centre reviews and updates our policies regularly to ensure we remain current with the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and the Education and Care Services National Law 2010.

During Term 1, the following OSHC Policies will be reviewed:

  • Notification of Change to Policy and Procedures
  • Nutrition, Food, Beverage and Dietary Requirements Procedure
  • Responsible Person in Charge Procedure
  • Sun Protection Protocols
  • Volunteers and Work Experience Students Procedure
  • Water Safety Procedure 

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact Lana Schwigtenberg – OSHC Coordinator at the OSHC by email: OSHC@stpeters.nsw.edu.au


Documents Required

There are a few documents we require at OSHC: 

  • If your child attends any Co-Curricular activities such as Musical Tutorials, Rep Sport Training, Physical Culture etc. or even to leave our service early for school it is a legal requirement for you to complete a permission form for these.
  • If you have not done so, we also need you to complete the OSHC Medical Transport Authoristion Form.
  • If your child has any medical conditions including asthma, anaphylaxis, or allergies it is a legal requirement for you to complete the OSHC Medical Risk Management Plan and supply the OSHC service with medication for your child.

Please complete these forms and return them to our OSHC staff ASAP.

Click here to view and download OSHC Risk Minimisation Plan

Click here to view and download OSHC Regular Outings Co-Curricular Activities

 Click here to view and download OSHC Medical Transport Authorisation Form



The OSHC Service uses HubWorks for our enrolment information as well as payment of fees. Please ensure your details are all up to date, if you need any assistance with this, please contact the OSHC Coordinator Lana Schwigtenberg on 46272990 ext #2 or via email at oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au

Before and After School Care (BASC) Vouchers

St Peter’s OSHC Service accept BASC vouchers for all our Services: Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care. Please email your vouchers to the OSHC Coordinator Lana Schwigtenberg oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au


We always love to share what the children are up to at OSHC, and SeeSaw is one the ways we do this. If you are not getting our Seesaw posts, please let us know and we will help you with this.