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Welcome to OSHC

Mrs Lana Schwigtenberg - OSHC Coordinator

We would like to welcome all of our families to OSHC for 2020. We have been enjoying getting to know you all and helping our new children settle into our OSHC family and familiarise themselves with our routines. We offer many experiences for the children to participate in daily, these activities stem from the children’s interests, needs and ideas. The children are actively involved in creating our program. The children do this in many ways including adding their ideas to the suggestion box, talking with educators, group discussions and surveying one another. It is important for children to be actively involved in creating their environments as they learn skills such as collaboration, negotiating and decision making.

This term we introduced OSHC Student Leaders, this is an opportunity for children in years 5 and 6 to participate in. We have had an overwhelming response from the children, this is a great experience for them as they take on a leadership role within the service. The student leaders assist educators with daily duties, prepare and assist with activities and run group games with the younger students. It has been great to see the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem grow. It has also helped our new and younger students to settle in knowing that they have an older student as a friend who helps, supports them.

Some of the activities the children have been involved in this term include, playing in the sand pit, painting, making musical instruments, making puppets, exploring playdough, table tennis, Lego, blocks, puzzles, board games, colouring in, playing in home corner, cricket, basketball and caring for our garden. All of these activities are not only fun but are valuable learning opportunities for the children. As children play they are being creative, using their imagination, learning to share, turn take, resolve conflicts, develop their dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play children develop the skills to engage and interact in the world around them.

The children also requested to do a group art project and have made a beautiful welcome sign for OSHC by doing string art design. All children have had the opportunity to work on this project. The children worked hard on this spending several weeks working on it till it was finally completed. This sign is now proudly displayed in our foyer.

We try and share as many photos of the children engaged in their play as we can. Please take some time to look through the journals on the sign in desk, the photo display in the foyer and the digital photo frame in the hall we love to share the fun the children are having as much as possible.

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care Programme is always very popular and the children have an absolute blast when they are here. We have lots of activities planned for the upcoming April School holiday period which the children have had lots of input into.

Please note Children in Prep are able to attend on the same days they currently attend Prep only.

The Vacation Care Programme will be emailed out next week and parents will be able to book online through Trybookings. The email will contain the programme and steps of how to book and when the bookings will be open.

Please note that to claim your Child Care Subsidy you must have applied for this through Centrelink.

If you have any questions regarding these changes or would like information on how to set up your Child Care Subsidy please contact:

The OSHC Coordinator Lana Schwigtenberg by phone 4627 2990 ext #2 or via email at oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au



OSHC Daily Rates

Before School Care: $18.00

Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast and a variety of planned activities to participate in.

After School Care: $22.00

Children are provided with a nutritious afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. There are a variety of activities for the children to explore and participate in.

Vacation Care: $32.00

Children bring a packed recess and lunch, a nutritious breakfast, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea are provided. Children participate in many specially planned daily activities throughout the Vacation Care Programme.   

Signing Your Child In And Out

From Monday, 23 March 2020 OSHC staff will sign children in at the black gate each morning and each afternoon.

As indicated in the communication sent from the Headmaster on Wednesday, 18 March 2020, please refer to the below link for further clarification.

Message from The Headmaster





Please remember if you need to cancel your child’s booking you need contact the OSHC Centre by 4.00 pm the day prior for Before School Care bookings, or by 9.00 am the day of your After School Care bookings. If cancellations are notified during these times you will be charged the daily fee.

Please contact the OSHC Centre by phone 4627 2990 ext #2 or via email:oshc@stpeters.nsw.edu.au


Late Pick Up Fees

Please note the OSHC Centre closes at 6.00 pm, if you collect your child after this time you will be charged a late fee.

No Hat No Play

Children are required to bring a hat from home to play outside at OSHC.

Please note that children are unable to wear their walking hats.

Winter Uniforms at OSHC

Next term the children will be wearing their winter uniforms, could we please ask you to ensure your child's blazer and hats are clearly labelled with their name. The children are also required to hang up their blazers on our coat racks.

We kindly ask all children to bring a labelled coat hanger for use in OSHC.    

Operation Christmas Child

Last year we successfully worked with the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Organisation. This is such a rewarding experience for the children, as they developed an understanding that through their help they were able to assist others in need. We were overwhelmed with our family’s support and generosity which enabled us to generously pack 24 shoe boxes and send them off to children in need. We will be continuing to work with the organisation again this year.

If you are interested in helping us, please collect an information sheet form our foyer. If you have any questions, please speak with Mrs. Lana Schwigtenberg.

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