Online Learning from Term 2

Mrs Melinda Richardson

Dear Parents and Carers of St. Peter’s 

RE: Online Learning from Term 2
Our teachers are currently working towards preparing overviews for what online learning may look like as of Term 2. The following information is provided to give our wider community clarity around what may take place. 
We would firstly like to acknowledge that every family within our school is an individual entity. Just like our learning here at school is differentiated for individual students, our expectations for how learning at home occurs are also differentiated.
We would like to encourage each family to make practical considerations as to how online learning will work, and be comforted to know that we will support whatever choices you make.

Potentially everything you choose to do at home has an element of learning attached to it, whether it is classified under a traditional learning area such as Mathematics or English, or whether it is a skill that your child / ren will need later in life.
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